Hello, and welcome back to Sunshine Chauffeur’s blog! In our last blog post, we talked about how to throw a family reunion in Daytona beach. You may be asking, “What does this have to do with limos and car service?” Well, if you are planning a family reunion, ordering car service for a relative flying into the area can be a great way to show them how much you care about them. It is also a convenient option, allowing you more time to focus on the reunion itself. Also, ordering a limo can be a great way to keep the family together for a little extra time spent together and an effective way to make sure that no one gets lost.

Today, we are going to talk about why to choose our limo service. We at Sunshine Chauffeur understand that you don’t have to choose us. There are other limo service agencies in Daytona Beach; however, when you choose us, we make several promises to our clients and we take keeping our promises and giving you the best experience seriously.

Professional Limo Service Guaranteed

Anyone can hop in a vehicle with wheels, throw a pink mustache on it, or a stick a sticker on their car with a name that rhymes with “super” and drive around. However, you will not be getting professional limo service and most those “other” car services, from what we have seen, don’t offer limos as a mode of transportation. Whenever you choose Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services, you will get a spotless vehicle and a professional driver who makes it their goal to give you the best car service experience. All of our drivers have the licensing, professional credentials, and experience to give you and your friends, family, or party goers a limo experience that will be pleasant and only add to a positive experience. If you have other questions about us, read our About Us page.

No Hidden Fees

We are upfront about our rates. We feel that being transparent about the cost of hiring our limo service in Daytona Beach is a must, because why be secretive about it? In our opinion, those services who stick you with fees and other costs after the fact are hiding something and that does set well with us. In all that we do, we wish to establish trust with our clients. We want them to know that they can depend on us to not only provide the best limo service available in Daytona, but to also get you there safely and for the rate that we both agreed upon beforehand. There are multiple reasons that we have forty years of experience and provide award-winning services and this is just one of them. To learn more about our rates or to request a quote go here.    

Cleanest Vehicles

No one likes booking a hotel then walking into their room—that they’ve paid money for—days or months later to find a room that seems to be crawling with germs and other signs of previous guests. The same thing can happen when you book limo service with other limo companies in the Daytona area: minimally cleaned cars that show signs of their use, age, and the nights that other patrons have spent in them. At Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services, we only offer our guests impeccably clean cars that will make your ride feel even more luxurious. As we mentioned before, there is a reason why we are an award-winning chauffeur service. Want to learn more about the vehicles you can book with us? View our fleet!

We hope you don’t mind us bragging about ourselves today; we just want you to have the most reliable, luxurious limo service in Daytona beach. We want you to have the best time in Daytona Beach whether you are from out of town or simply living it up for a night. To learn more about us and book with us, visit our website!

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