Welcome back to Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Service’s blog! Today, we are continuing where we left off from our last post in which we shared a little bit of the history of the limo and the various types of limos throughout history. For those of you who missed our last post, read part one here. Because limo service has been around for over a hundred years, you can expect some interesting takes on this already unique vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about the other limo types that can be found throughout history.

Types of Limos

To learn about the traditional limo, read part one of our blog series here, but to know a little more about other types of limos, keep reading below.

Stretch Limo

Many limo manufacturers have had to find ways to meet that standards of most states’ Department of Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations for vehicles due to the limo’s length and subsequent weight. The biggest limo, the “Midnight Rider” was made from a Peterbilt truck and could seat 40 passengers; this monstrosity had three lounges and a bar and was 70 feet long, weighing in at 50,560 pounds.

Stage Limo

A stage limo is more like a bus than a limo with multiple rows of forward facing seats. Stage limos were used in limited locations such as in Yosemite National Park and other national parks in the early 1900s. Most stage limos were also called Jammers due to gear issues often created by their drivers. Most were made from sedans as well as station wagons. Some funeral homes still use stage limos to transport the family of the deceased to and from the funeral.

Exotic Limo

Exotic limos refers to those designed to make a statement not only in their styling, but also in their accommodations. Often, other models of cars are stretched to make these limos, such as the Hummer H2, Escalade, Bentley, and even some convertibles. Other examples of an exotic limo are those outfitted with hot tubs and the like.

Novelty Limo

The novelty limo, like the exotic limo, has been reserved mostly for those wanting a unique wedding transportation. These limos can be made from a number of vehicle models and types and are often painted, unlike their white and black traditional limo counterparts, unusual colors such as purple and pink.

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