In our last blog post, we began talking about how to throw the best bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. Creating the best bachelorette party comes down to you as the planner taking charge, considering the budget, booking ahead, planning the fun, and ultimately giving the bride a night that she will love and one to remember. It’s tradition for many in Daytona Beach to go out barhopping as the main event of the bachelorette party, but what if the bride doesn’t want to wake up with a hangover the next day or parties on a weekly basis and wants something completely different? Here are some ideas for creating a fun bachelorette party for the bride who wants something other than a traditional late night on the town.

Fancy Dinner

Maybe instead of going out for drinks, opt for a fancy dinner. Guests still get to dress up and enjoy delicious eats and drinks, but without the expense of bar hopping all night. Consider going to dinner in a limo and then going back to someone’s house after to drink champagne, play bachelorette-themed games, and open gifts.

Night In

Though many guests of the bachelorette party expect to go out and party as a means of celebrating the bride-to-be’s upcoming big day, some brides, especially the night before the wedding, prefer a relaxing night in instead of a raucous night out. Play games, drink special homemade drinks and appetizers, and open gifts while celebrating and supporting the bride-to-be, all in the comfort of someone’s home.

Wine & Cheese Night

Most women love wine, and so why not plan a wine and cheese night? Make your own charcuterie plate with special and unique cheeses or make fondue with chocolate as dessert. Again, a wine and cheese night can be a night of quiet fun, or turn things up by ending the night with your own private dance party.

Painting Class

Wine and paint classes can be another great option. Not only do guests get to have drinks, but they also get to take home their own unique party favor—a painting. This type of party can be a great option for the artistically inclined. Before going to the painting class, you could grab dinner and afterwards go out for drinks or go to your home for more fun.

Girl’s Trip

Celebrating the bride-to-be with a trip with just her closest girl friends can also be a great way to close out her single years and ring in her marriage. Vegas is one stereotypical choice for bachelorette parties, but often, taking a trip somewhere else such as wine country, Nashville, Austin, L.A., or other tourist-friendly cities can be a great option. If you decide to take a trip, be sure to call for car service to and from the airport!

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa to get pampered. A spa day can be a great way for the bride to relax while getting those necessary treatments to not only help her feel her best, but also have time to truly relax. If you opt for a spa day, consider paying for one or more of the bride’s treatments as an individual or group gift to her.

Take a Pole Class

Pole dancing classes are becoming popular nationwide as an alternative to traditional working out and as a means for women to feel empowered. Some studios offer group party classes which are actually very affordable. Book a class and then keep the party going by going out on the town or back to someone’s house for champange, games, and desserts.

Theme Party

Creating a theme party such as the roaring 20s, famous celebrities, or based on the bride’s favorite movie can be a great way to add a unique twist on traditional bachelorette parties. Have all the guests show up in costume and either go out to dinner or bar hopping, a jazz club, or a club. Be sure to take pictures and maybe even set up your own themed photobooth.

High Tea

Some high-class hotels offer high-tea with fancy teas and tea-themed eats and treats. Taking high-tea can be a fun alternative to traditional bachelorette party festivities. High-tea can be a great new experience for the bride to enjoy and a viable option if the bride wants to include her mother and mother-in-law in the festivities.

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