For most, calling for car service is reserved for special occasions: birthday celebrations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, weddings, and more. Because for some it’s a rarity to call for a limo or car service or simply are new or haven’t taken car service in a while, it can be easy to forget or simply be unaware of car service etiquette. Here are some things to know the next time you take a limo or car service in Daytona Beach.

Know How Many Passengers

It is always best to know exactly how many people will be riding in the car or limo. Though it can seem as though large cars and limos can have unlimited seating if the passengers just squish together; there are, however, safety guidelines that must be adhered to. Also, for the enjoyment of all, it is best that all passengers are comfortable with plenty of room to sit.

Know Where You Are Going

Always know your destinations before you hire a limo driver. Though there is room for some changes to be made when you hire car service or a limo, it is best to know your itinerary ahead of time. You should be able to tell the driver where and when you will need to be picked up from each location. When planning, keep in mind the time it takes to get all of your guests ready to go from one location to the next.  

Request the Car You Need

If there is a specific car that you would like, ask for it. We at Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services are always happy to accommodate as best as we can. If you are a non-smoker, request a non-smoking car and ask when making reservations what the rules are regarding tobacco use and alcohol.

Enter & Leave Appropriately

We want you to get the full experience when you book with us. To enter the car, be sure to step and slide into the car versus stepping into the car with your backside hanging out the door. Leave the limo in the same fashion: slide your legs out the door first and step out.

Wait for the Driver

One part of what chauffeurs do when you hire them for car service is to open and close the car or limo door. You are our guests and we want to treat you as such. Also, if you have luggage with you, allow us to load it and unload it from the car. As mentioned above, we want you to get the best experience when riding in a chauffeured car or limo.

Put the VIP Where They Need to Be

Also, there is a rhyme and reason to where each guest sits in a limo. The VIP should always sit in the “power seat”  which is the back-right seat with you, the party planner, also know as the junior executive, should sit in the jump seat; the jump seat is backward-facing and allows you, if need be, to communicate with the driver.

Tip the Driver

You should always tip the driver when you ride in a limo or take car service. Generally, when tipping a driver, you should tip 20 percent of your total cost. But before you tip, be sure to check and make sure the tip is not added automatically. It is best practice to put your tip in an envelope and discreetly hand it to the driver.

Clean Up Afterwards

Though we always clean our cars and limousine, it is best to clean up after yourself and your party after you’ve enjoyed your ride. Take all trash, party favors, and other personal items with you. Though we want you to enjoy yourself when you ride with us, remember that additional messes that will needto be cleaned after your departure, may result in an extra charge. The reason for this is that we pride ourselves in offering clean and professional cars and limos to all of our Daytona Beach clients.

Ready to Book Your Ride?

The chauffeurs of Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services would love to help you get to where you need to go with style and convenience. We offer limo and car service to the Daytona Beach area and pride ourselves in providing professional, prompt, and affordable services. To learn more about our fleet, our rates and pricing, or request a quote, visit our website!

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