Family can be a blessing and it can also be difficult as well; planning a family reunion in Daytona Beach can feel just as difficult and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though! If you follow these steps and order car service from us, planning your next family reunion can feel like less of a nightmare and can actually be fun.

Take Charge & Make a Plan

If you feel like it’s been a long time since the family got together, take charge and plan something. Often when it comes to family events, many are thinking the same thing, i.e. that there should be a family reunion, but very few take charge and so a reunion never comes to be.


If you are a planner-type, it can be hard to delegate, but to put together the best family reunion, delegating is a must. Before you delegate tasks, think about who will follow though with the task and who may accomplish the task well. If you know one of your family members has a particular talent or a “hookup” ask them to help. They may not be able to help, but they will probably feel flattered that you asked.

Get the Word Out

Before you even have every detail ironed out, get the word out. With everyone’s busy schedules, if you wait untill a month before the event to tell your family about it, few may be able to show up. Spread the word or send out invitations a year in  advance as a kind of “save the date” so that as many family members can attend as possible.


Budgeting can be a great way to help you plan, as well as make a family reunion a reality. Decide how much you can invest and find family members to help you pay for the event. Maybe even ask in the save-the-date invitation about who can help contribute.

Plan Something For Everyone

One effective way to plan a family reunion that everyone will love and may cause the event to become an annual tradition is to have something for everyone. Plan for games or an outdoor space for kids to play and be sure to have a comfortable area for the elderly members of your family to sit down and visit with each other and other family members. When planning for your reunion, be sure to take into consideration food allergies as well.

Share Your Family’s Story

Though this step is not crucial for the event, putting together a video or booklet to tell your family’s story can be a great way to celebrate your family and unite them. In your family’s story, share interesting facts about your heritage and people that have come before. Talk about and remember those who have passed away and celebrate new members of the family.

Invest in Car Service

Lastly, we highly suggest that you invest in car service for both your in-town and out-of-town relatives. Not only will it make them feel special, but it can be a way to help elderly relatives get to the reunion. Limo service can be a great choice to take the family to the event or out on the town after. Not only do you all get to ride together, but it can make the event even more memorable.

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