In one of our last blog posts, we talked about throwing the best bachelorette party and thought it’s only fair to write one for the men. Planning a bachelor party can feel difficult at times, but certainly doesn’t have to be. To throw the best bachelor party in Daytona Beach, you must plan ahead, take charge of the party plans, establish a realistic budget and stick to it. If the groom-to-be isn’t sure what he wants to do or is difficult to plan for here are some ideas to help you make his last night before he ties the knot one to remember.

Pub Crawl

Though going out on the town is a stereotypical plan for the bachelor party, if your groom wants something a little more low-key, a pub crawl can be just the thing to do to celebrate. Pick out several pubs that serve up great beer, whiskey, or other fare and then go back to someone’s house for a night of cards and cigars. While out, hire car service or a limo to take your party around town safely and in style.


If your buddy loves the outdoors, why not dedicate his party to a weekend out in the woods? Camping can be a great way to spend some quality guy-time together, while possibly having some adventures as well. Though a camping spot might not be the first thought for someone in Daytona Beach, why not take a drive to the nearest best camping spot and live it up for a weekend.

Road Trip

Is there a place that your friend has always wanted to go? Or is there a spot that is full of memories states away? For your friend’s bachelor party, why not plan a road trip with some of his best guy friends. Not only can a road trip give you plenty of guy time, but it can be a great way to get away from wedding stress, re-live some good memories, and reconnect with friends.

Guys Trip

If road trips really aren’t your thing, what about taking a trip? Going to Vegas can be a great last hurrah for many grooms or plan a trip to wine country, New Orleans, Portland, or other popular cities with the things that your friend loves to do. Invite some of the groom’s closest friends, buy the groom’s plane ticket and get ready for a trip that won’t’ be forgot for many years.

Rent a Beach House

A beach house can be a great way to take a relaxing weekend getaway away with the guys. Enjoy some down time and bring all that makes up your favorite time with the guys. Bring beer, cigars, steaks, cards, a swimsuit, and maybe fishing supplies and get ready for low key weekend away before the big day.


A fishing trip can be another great way to celebrate the groom’s last single days before he ties the knot. Rent a beach house or camp, or maybe even rent a boat for a day or weekend of fishing. Not only will you all have a catch to enjoy, but you all will enjoy some downtime and guy time together before the stresses of a wedding are in full swing.


Why not make some memories with the ultimate plunge? Skydiving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for the thrill seekers and those that want to face their fears, skydiving can be a fun bachelor party option. Go skydiving in the afternoon and then enjoy a night on the town with your buddy for a day filled with unforgettable memories.

Sporting Event

If the groom-to-be loves sports, finding a sporting event that he will love can be a great way to celebrate. Find a game and after go out and enjoy some beers, cigars, or near by clubs. Be sure to book a hotel and car service to take the night to the next level and to stay safe.

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