Wedding season is in full swing which means that bridesmaids and friends alike are buying pink and purple streamers and party themed accessories that can only be for one type of party: a bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties can be extremely fun, but if not planned well or rules laid down, they can quickly become a hot mess. Today, we are going to talk about how to throw a bachelorette party that will be one to remember.

Take Charge

If you are the one in charge of the bachelorette party, then you need to take charge and establish that you are the one making the decisions, but also be open to suggestions. Having one or two people help you plan can be helpful, but including a whole committee of people can be a disaster. First, we suggest that you ask the bride what she wants to do and what she absolutely does not want to do. It can be surprising to find out what the bride actually wants to do: Some brides who normally party sometimes don’t want to go barhopping for their bachelorette party, but instead want to enjoy a spa day.

Budget Thoughtfully

Part of planning a bachelorette party to remember is to consider the budget of your plans and if your guests will be able to afford it. Often expensive spa days can be quite memorable, but is it realistic? Decide what is the most important aspect of the bachelorette party and plan your budget around that. Make sure you take into consideration transportation costs and other “hidden” costs that can be easily forgotten.

Plan The Fun

Often it is assumed that the fun of bachlorette parties will just happen, especially if your guests tend to be fun, but it is always best to plan fun activities. If you decide to go bar hopping, plan fun games to play while out or when you get back from the bars. Also, be sure to plan photo moments and, depending on what your bachelorette party includes, plan to take photos before the night gets too late and everyone gets tired and possibly disheveled.


Don’t forget about the decorations! Though decorations aren’t the most important part of the night, decorations can add that little extra fun to the night and make it even more memorable. The night only happens once, so why hold back? Decorations can be fairly inexpensive and can simply be some streamers and balloons or you can go all out with those decoration that are bawdier bachelorette party-themed. Also, don’t forget to buy a sash or crown for your bride and even consider making shirts or giving bachelorette party guests a fun wearable party favor that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.


Though it’s not a must, it can be best to specify if guests should bring a gift to the party. You can let guests know whether a gift is expected by mentioning the brides lingerie sizes or mention that gifts are welcome, but not expected. You could even make the gift-giving part of one of the games. For example, each guest could bring a piece of lingerie and the bride has to guess the giver of the gift. You could also consider giving the bride a group gift, such as a spa day. A parting gift such as one that will come in handy for the following day’s hangover or during the honeymoon can also be a great idea.

There are many ways to make a bachelorette party special, but as you plan be sure to keep in mind the goal: to celebrate the bride and give her a fun day with unforgettable memories.

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