No one likes to miss their flight or have to rush through the airport with a suitcase being lugged behind and a carry-on item under the other arm. Traveling these days is not always the most comfortable: Add on top of that, having to rush through the airport sweaty and frustrated. The airport can feel like a miserable experience, if you don’t fly enough to know how to make it pleasant. Let us give you some tips that are sure to help you get through the airport less stressed, to your gate, and on your flight.  

Plan & Pack Ahead

One of the main keys to alleviating stress is to plan and pack ahead. Start packing days before you have to leave. Not sure what to bring? Try these easy hacks for making sure you have the outfits you need for your trip:

  • Make a list – Afraid you will forget something, make a list of all the items that you must have with you on your trip. Include important medications and other essentials to make sure that you pack everything you need.
  • Bring outfits – To make sure that you pack complete outfits, put your outfits together before you pack.
  • Pack staple pieces – Are you the one that struggles to pack a bag that weighs anything less that 50 pounds? Cut down on the amount of items that you bring, but packing staple pieces that can be worn multiple days with a few different outfits.

Packing can be the most stressful part of the traveling process. If you can get your packing done ahead of time, you will most likely not be leaving your house an hour later than you planned. If there are items that you need to pack at the last minute like daily toiletries, set out your toiletry bag the night before and pack each item as you finish using them the morning you leave. Set out your purse and other items you need to grab by the door the night before, as well.

Be In the Know

Knowledge is power and so it is in the case of air travel. Days before your flight, check out TSA regulations regarding the liquids and gels found in most toiletry items, what sizes you are allowed to carry on, and how to pack them properly. Know what type of luggage is allowed as a carry-on and what can be categorized as a personal item. Luggage restrictions and how much you will have to pay for your checked bag or even carry on, differs from airline to airline. Do your research ahead of time to alleviate the headache of TSA regulations and baggage limitations.

Confirm Online

If you are checking a bag, you will still have to visit the desk of the airline, but if you check-in online, you will save yourself some time. Some airlines allow you to pay for your checked bag ahead of time, and skip having to stop by the desk all together. Also, if you do end up arriving late to the airport after the check-in time, you don’t have to worry about your seat being given away to a standby traveler.

Get There Early

Also, be sure to check out traffic reports to see if there will be heavy traffic on your route to the airport. Another thing to check is the security wait times at the airport: Some days the security checkpoint is running smoothly and other days it isn’t. Most suggest as a general rule of thumb, to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours ahead of domestic flight departure times and 4-6 hours for international flights. During busy seasons, you may want to arrive even earlier and for off seasons, later.

Car Service

One way to save yourself time and stress is to hire a car service instead of driving yourself or taking a shuttle. When you take car service, you won’t have to worry about finding and paying for parking and the driver will know how to avoid high-traffic areas. Also, not only will you not have to drive, you will have time before getting to the airport to relax, take a deep breath and get yourself organized.

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