Your birthday is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning. Regardless if you are a birthday planning pro or you struggle to get the details together, planning a party, especially organizing the transportation can be a headache. You have to find out who wants to be the designated driver, where to meet, if there will be enough room in the cars for everyone, where to park and not pay a small fortune, etcetera.

Birthdays should be fun and planning them shouldn’t give you a headache. Instead of dealing with the hassle of figuring out drivers for your party, hire limo service. Now, we know what you may be thinking, limos are only for really special occasions and probably cost a lot of money—too much for one night of fun. Actually, hiring limo service is affordable and has many perks that could make this birthday the best one yet. Here are some reasons why you should hire our limo service for your next birthday celebration in Daytona Beach.


Hiring limo service is first and foremost the most convenient option for your birthday. Not only can you get picked up and dropped off without having to worry about parking, but you know everyone can fit into your car. You know everyone will be together so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or feeling left out. If there is a big event and parking spots could be next to impossible to find, don’t worry, just hire a limo.

Everyone Can Have Fun

Though having a DD is an absolute must if you are driving yourselves to and from the party, it can be frustrating for those that are chosen to play that role for the night. When you hire limo service, everyone gets to join in the fun! No more will you need to worry about your DD, not being able to drive because of a slip up. And, as we mentioned before, everyone can ride together so it really is a party.

Get Where You’re Going

If you don’t know the area well and then if you have been imbibing, there is a high likelihood that you may get lost. Frankly, being lost and under the influence is not safe, even if you are not driving and can be stressful on a night that is supposed to be fun. When you hire limo service you can rely on the driver to know exactly where they are going and to get you to each event and back home safely.

The Party Does Stop

When you hire limo service the party never stops. Not only will you all be together so no one feels left out, you will never have a lull in the party. Your party will never lose momentum. We all have been there: There’s a momentary pause in the party and the sleepiness that everyone was distracted from, rears it’s ugly head and the party that was bumpin’ slows down and stops as everyone discovers how tired they really are. Hire a limo to keep the party going!


Limo service is also affordable when considered by itself, but also when you think about the costs that pile up when you choose to drive yourself: parking fees, and more parking fees if you leave your car, taxi service, the cost of towing or a ticket, if you accidently park in the wrong spot, not to mention the cost of a DUI which can completely change your life. Excluding these extreme scenarios, hiring limo service is more affordable than you think because generally shared travel is always cheaper than individual travel. To learn more about our rates, services, and get a quote, visit our website!

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We also offer date night specials! Hire limo service with us and enjoy car service paired with lunch or dinner reservations and drinks!

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